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2x1 HDMI Digital Audio Switcher > Hjemmebiograf / Home Theater  |  Udskriv  |  Tip en ven
Pris: DKK 2.990,00
 (EUR 401,88)

Vægt: 2000 gram

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Klik på billedet, for at se et større billede
Easily Switch Between Two HDTV Devices Using One HDTV Display - 2 HDTV Sources + 1 HDTV Display = High Definition Convenience and Ease

The ex•tend•it 2x1 HDMI Digital Audio Switcher enables effortless HDTV source switching using a single high definition display. A simple and reliable solution, the 2x1 HDMI Digital Audio Switcher links any two HDTV sources (DVD players and satellite set tops) to one HDTV display. It completely eliminates the need to disconnect then reconnect multiple HDTV sources, saving time by providing a fundamental tool that brings it all together behind the scenes. When all three devices (the display plus the two sources) are connected to the 2x1 HDMI Digital Audio Switcher and powered on, you simply select which source you want to view on the display using the Switcher, the IR remote that comes with it, or any universal remote you program to work with the Switcher.

This product will ONLY support digital video signals in the HDMI connecter.

Fully HDCP Compliant
HDCP (high definition content protection) is a standard that is encoded into the video signal to prevent it from being pirated. If a source device is HDCP coded and is connected to a HDTV display or projector without the proper HDCP decoding mechanism, the picture is relegated to “snow” or in some cases, very low (480P) resolutions of the images. In order to see HDTV with HDCP compliance, both the source and display devices must be equipped with HDMI connections that can enable HDCP decoding, such as the 2x1 HDMI Switcher.

How it Works
Simply connect your HDTV display to the Switcher’s display output and your digital audio to the digital out. Then connect both HDTV sources to the Switcher’s inputs using the HDMI cables and TOS link cables that come with the Switcher. Once the sources, the Switcher and the display are all powered on and connected, you simply select which source you want to view and listen.

Package Includes:
• The HDMI Audio Switcher
• RMT-2IR remote control
• Two 6-foot HDMI cables
• Two TOSLINK fiber optic cables
• 5VDC power supply

• Saves money on hardware—no need to purchase multiple high definition displays
• Saves space—a single high definition display works with both DVD players and satellite set tops
• Saves time—no need to disconnect and reconnect HDTV devices—everything is always connected and accessible
• Maintains high resolution video—beautiful, sharp HDTV resolutions up to 1080P are easily achieved. For computer users, the 2x1 HDMI Audio Switcher conforms with HDMI 1.0 specifications for resolutions up to 1920 x 1200.
• No loss of quality—the integrity of the high definition signal is preserved throughout the transmissions using high caliber HDMI cables that ensure the signal is maintained
• Operational flexibility—you can switch at the source, with the IR remote control or your own universal remote
• Compatible with all HDMI-equipped, HDCP-enabled HDTV devices.
• Easy to install and simple to operate

• Video Amplifier Bandwidth: 1.65 GHz
• Single Link Range:1080P/1920x1200
• Vertical Frequency Range: 60 Hz
• HDMI Input/Output Connector: Type A 19-pin
• Power Consumption:15 Watts (max.)
• Power Supply 5VDC
• Dimensions:4”W x 1”H x 4”D
• Shipping Weight: 4 lbs.
• HDCP Compliant

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