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Enestående undervisnings system! Hardware baseret
Computer Based Training - Inspiring Business, Energizing the Classroom
With full-duplex audio
Note: We also offer a CBT solution using standard 4-pair CAT5 UTP cable (e.g.: EIA/TIA-568-B).

For applications where audio is important, this user-friendly multimedia system controls cable clutter, facilitates teacher-trainee interaction, and helps organize and energize multimedia classroom activities.

Featuring CAT5e UTP digital signaling, nothing beats Twister for transmitting smooth, clear video and audio in a classroom or computer lab setting. With multiple configurations from four to a hundred or more student stations, Twister links workstations using a single 5-pair, CAT5e UTP cable.

Teacher's Broadcast
The teacher screen and audio can be sent to all, selected, or a single student. Content may include text, audio, pictures, animation, or full motion video. Audio Broadcast sends the teacher's audio only.
The teacher can observe one student, and broadcast that student's screen and audio to another student, or selected students, or all students.
Observe and Monitor
Observe enables the teacher to both see student screens and to hear student speech, either for one student, selected students, or all students. Monitor lets the teacher listen to students' speech. When applied to multiple students, these functions may be controlled manually or set to auto scan, with teacher-defined dwell times.
Blank Screen
Lecture mode. Teachers can blank out student screens for times when students need to concentrate on lectures, drills, or presentations.
Remote Keyboard/Mouse Control (and Lockout)
The teacher can remotely Lock the keyboard and mouse of any student station or stations. Or, the teacher can remotely Control any student's keyboard and mouse. Control has three modes: teacher controls student, student controls teacher, or student controls other student.
Set up a teacher-student intercom. Click another student to make a three-way intercom, etc. Or, the teacher can give the Mic to one student, then Broadcast, letting that student address the whole class.
Control and Broadcast
When a student encounters a common problem, the teacher can take Control of that student station and demonstrate how to solve the problem directly. At the same time, the teacher can Broadcast that student station to all other students, providing efficient, real-case instruction for all.
One Touch Tap Switch
Pure hardware Broadcast and Blank Screen controller enables the teacher to Broadcast the teacher screen to all students at the touch of a button. Even students who happen to be in the midst of a reboot will see the teacher's screen on their monitors. Blank Screens are effected with equal ease.
Student Electronic Hand
Any student in need of assistance can press to alert the instructor.
Student Reception Choice
The teacher can give students a choice whether or not to receive the teacher's broadcasts. If enabled, students toggle their receptiveness with .
Unit Exclusions
The teacher can block selected units from receiving all class signals. Convenient when non-students need to use classroom computers without class participation.
Other Functions and Benefits:
Pure hardware. No software drivers needed, no resident programs required. Even students who happen to be in BIOS mode, DOS mode, or RAM check will receive the teacher's broadcasts.
Students whose PCs are in power off or reboot condition still see the teacher's broadcasts.
If one or more student stations are not powered on, the automatic BYPASS function means that the rest of the class system operates without being affected. Or if one student unit should experience a hardware malfunction, other student units are not affected.
Screen resolutions are supported up to 1280 x 1024 @ 75Hz.
Student unit ID numbers are conveniently set from the teacher station. No tamper-prone DIP switches on the unit.
The Twister system uses Beacon's patented (Taiwan #220265) one-to-one, ring topology networking.
WinSchool supports up to 256 stations in a classroom, with no file server required.
The teacher can activate the BROADCAST function even when his or her PC is in BIOS RAM check mode. Thus, even if a student turns off his or her computer, they will receive the teacher's screen immediately when his or her station is turned on.
Bypass function. If a station is not online, or malfunctions, remaining stations still operate OK.
WSS-580 Twister system with dual-student units have pairing function hardware inside each unit. Single-student units may be externally wired to connect them via their pair ports. During pairing, the paired students are in two-way audio communication.

Lærer-Elev system - Computer undervisning
    TWISTER - Lærer / Elev undervisnings system


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